From Jumbo Rolls to Finished Goods

All SANTO products can be supplied in Jumbo Rolls, Converted products in Bulk or Converted products as Finished Goods. We tailor to our individual customer requirements.

  • Jumbo Rolls 
    • This is our main segment where we sell jumbo rolls to local convertors worldwide. Depending the product type and production location we can supply products from 950mm to 1440 jumbo roll widths.
  • Sheets 
    • We have a very efficient sheet conversion and can supply in many sheet configurations (examples: 12 gross (144 sheets) in shrink film with front sheet, 50 sheets in sleeve). Our main sheet size is 230x280 but we can also supply in other size larger or smaller
  • Rolls
    •  We supply many different roll sizes depending local market conditions. Some standards sizes: 610mm x 50m, 305mm x 50m or 465mm x 200m, 115mm x 50m or 115 x 5m. We can handle all sizes down from full jumbo rolls width to 100mm in any length necessary.
  • Discs
    • We tailor to local requirements and can supply many disc sizes, with or without x holes and in many shapes.
  • Belts
    • We tailor to local requirements and can supply many belt sizes in both width and length.