Why should you sand?

Most of us think preparation – sanding included - is a laborious and time consuming work. And let us be frank: Sanding causes dust! The sanding operation is however often an important part of the preparations. Here are some arguments why you should sand:

Irregularities cannot be covered by paint / lacquer. On the contrary, all imperfections are more visible on a painted / coated surface. A surface is never better than the substrate.

Paint connects better to the surface. New paint will get better adhesion if the surface is roughened down and old dirt and grime are removed.

Better and faster coating. By sanding before you paint / lacquer the surface will give more resistance so that the paint / lacquer better attaches to the surface and can paint more even and faster.

Avoid scaling. By scraping away loose paint and sanding down the rough spots you stop further scaling.

Fiber erection. Woodfibers always stand up when moisture is applied. Not just once, but after two coats you can still experience that woodfiber stand up. Good sanding will help against this.

Impurities. Dust, insects and other impurities may adhere to the surface between coats. This can be easily removed with fine sandpaper without damaging the surface finish.

Easy cleaning.  It is far easier to clean a pre-finished, smooth and even surface. Dust and dirt will not adhere as easily and the surface remains attractive over time.